Tax Return Preparation

The best time to save money on your taxes is four to sixteen months before they are due, and this requires expert planning. We provide one-on-one pro-active tax counsel to meet your unique personal and business needs. The typical client benefits the most from expert tax advice in:

  • Year-end strategic planning to help minimize your tax liability
  • Effective and timely structuring of your personal and business transactions
  • Executive compensation planning
  • Money-saving self-employment and payroll strategies
  • Successful retirement and estate planning

Don’t wait, contact us today for a tax return preparation and tax filing consultation.

Income & Deduction Checklist:

Salaries (W-2) Lump Sum Distributions (1099R)
Interest & Dividends (1099) Rentals
State or Local Income Tax Refunds (1099G) Royalties (Schedule K-1)
Alimony Partnerships (Schedule K-1)
Self-Employment Income (1099-MISC) Estates or Trusts (Schedule K-1)
Sale of Personal Residence (1098) Farm Income
Sale of Investments (1099B or 1099S) Unemployment Compensation (1099G)
Sale of Business Property Social Security Benefits (1099SSA)
Installment Sales Gifts, Awards or Prizes (W-2G)
Pensions, Annuities, IRAs (1099R) Income from Tips
Contributions to an IRA, KEOGH, or SEP Mortgage Points Paid
Self-Employment Health Insurance Investment Interest
Penalty on Early Withdrawal of Savings Cash Charitable Contributions
Alimony Paid Moving Expenses
Medical Expenses (including mileage) Other Personal Expenses
State & Local Income Tax Investment Expenses
Real Estate Tax Employment Related Expenses
Mortgage Interest Office In Home Expenses
Child Care Expenses Household Employees

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